Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Can't. Remember. Sandwich.

I did something bad today...ok, not really, actually bad. See, I work for a major bank, and this bank, being quite major and quite large, has multiple buildings in the downtown area. One of these buildings had a small fire a couple weekends ago, which caused all the of the sprinklers in the building to turn on, thus flooding the entire building. To make a long story short, the building was closed for almost two weeks, so as a welcome back, they've been having little events all week...free breakfast on Monday...free lunch today. Now, I have meetings in this "problem building" all the time, but I don't actually work there, however, I took it upon myself to attend two of the events this week. What? What do you mean that's not nice? Sure the party was private, but the signs around the events didn't say "Only for Employees of Company XYZ Who Work in this Building"...they said "Private Party for Company XYZ." I work there...ok, ok...you guys keep catching me. I don't work work there. I'm a consultant...whatever...details, details. I went late and waited until they were about the pack up the food...that means I was just helping clean up...yea...I was just trying to help by not wasting food and stuff.

At today's lunch event, my friend and I were some of the last people there, so they told us we could take the flowers off the table. Aren't these little yellow flowers cute?

There was a shopping event downtown where roughly 20 vendors set up tables to sell their wares, so, I had to stock up on Tupperware (they always have discounts at this thing, so I always hit up the Tupperware Ladies' table) and with the Tupperware and the flowers, my load was really growing for my walk back to my car (3 blocks from my building). Throughout the day, I glanced over at my little hoard of goodies trying to figure out the best way to carry it all home. I could put this in my work bag, this in my purse, this I'll loop over my wrist...I also had to remember to take my daily sandwich home with me. I've been trying to save money by eating in and bringing sandwiches to work. However, since I got free lunch today, I decided to eat my lunch sammy for dinner to save money and not waste food. Can you tell I'm big on that? Anywho, I started thinking that a sandwich and fries...sounded pretty good. I made a mental note to take the sandwich w/ me. At around 5PM, I remembered my plan to take my sammy home, and even thought to go ahead and put it in my bag, but I knew I'd be at work till closer to 6 and didn't want it to spoil. Certainly, I can remember to take a sandwich home with me I thought. I tried to remember over and over again for the last hour of my day:
5:10PM - remember to take the sandwich home
5:17PM - gotta get the sandwich out of the break room
5:23PM - maybe I can go ahead and get my sandwich now? No, no...just wait. You'll remember
5:35PM - remember the sandwich
5:42PM - remember sandwich. must. remember. sandwich.

Then, right before 6PM, I knew it was time to go. It was the time when you look at the clock, smile a bit inside, and know you get to home...YAY! I love this time of day. I even like my 3 block walk home (except when it's raining). The weather today was nice - a bit gray by the time I was leaving, but the temperature was nice - not too hot, not too cold - a slight breeze gently blowing through the trees along the street. I left the building, smiled at the security guys (a friendly smile, not a Joey-hey-how-you-doin smile), and made my way down the sidewalk towards my car. I noticed the very tippy-tops of the leaves were starting to turn gold. I notice a lot of stuff, usually. I notice weird things a lot of the time...someone bouncing their head to the music in their car as they pass me...birds playfully chasing each other through the trees. I noticed one of the security guys waving at several cars as they drove by. Some honked, leading me to believe they must drive by there the same time every day and he's out there the same time of day ever day to wave hello. I got to the intersection where I can see my car from across the parking lot, and I noticed...uh oh. I noticed that I forgot my sandwich. :( It's amazing that someone can be so forgetful so much, but sure enough...I do it all the time. I decided that with my hands full of Tupperware, flowers, and purses, I'd just drop everything off at my car (except my purse b/c that's just asking for it to be stolen) and walk back to get my sammy. Yea, I had to walk back to the building, go all the way back up to my floor, get the sandwich out the fridge, and walk the 3 blocks back to my car. I didn't notice as much this time around, but at least I got some exercise, right? Right? Ok, not really.

Anywho, I did manage to bring my sandwich home and toasted it a bit in the oven while I baked some seasoned french fries. Not the fanciest dinner, but it was hella easy.

I get so jealous of the other bloggers I see crafting and creating all the time. I bought lots of craft goodies, but haven't had the time to make anything. At least, I thought I was making anything. Sometimes, I don't even think about making jewelry as I do as crafting or being creative. I really need to work on that perspective, I think, b/c my jewelry making takes up lots of time and I make cool stuff, too...at least I hope I do.

This is a jewelry set that I've been making for awhile, but not in this color combo. This is actually one of my best sellers, but I've been trying to make more of these in some sports-colors. People seem to go crazy for their sports teams and love to have anything in their fave team's colors. I hope they think this when they see me selling my jewelry later this month. Wish me luck...I have so much debt to pay off...grr.

Anywho, I simply love how sparkly these Swarovski crystals are. They're much more expensive than glass, but I think they're so much more worth it. The sparkle and shine you get from Swarovski crystals is practically unbeatable. I love the sparklies...I think that's one reason I got into jewelry making. Ooh...sparkly!


Valley Girl said...

That sandwich looks yummers *stomach grumbling*

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Valley Girl - it's super simple, too! It's just a hoagie roll sliced nearly halfway, topped with lunch meat (I used buffalo chicken) and cheese (white american for me), wrapped in aluminum foil and baked with the fries. It's also good if you do an open-face sandwich and melt the cheese under the broiler.

:) D