Friday, October 19, 2007

Mini Donuts...Mmmmm...

Homer Simpson would be in big trouble if he worked anywhere near where I work. I recently found out that a man sets up a mini donut stand just a couple blocks from where I work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (except today b/c it was raining...I checked). My mini donut craving will have to wait over the weekend. But in the meantime, here are some photos from my most recent visit:

The cart comes with a sort of dough holder, which when a certain button (or lever?) is pushed, creates these perfect hoops, which start bubbling away as soon as they hit the hot oil below.

They follow a path of hot oil, while gently being flipped - to brown both sides, of course.

Then, once they're done cooking, they are flipped into a metal bin where the excess oil drips off and they cool down just a tad

See? There are some cooling right now. Want him to make you a bag?

Top them off with powdered or cinnamon sugar...shake around to coat...

...there! Perfectly sugary sweet little mini donuts that simply melt in your mouth.

Want one?

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