Sunday, October 07, 2007

Shabby Chic W/E Project (Redux)

I originally posted this Shabby Chic project on my other blog, Designing Sass, but I'm not sure if I'll ever post there again? I'd really like to, but it's really hard to keep up two blogs, let alone three. A shame, too, because I spent so long making the template of that one really pretty. Anywho, more on that later...Here's my original post:

I've been looking for a printer stand for awhile...not necessarily a true printer stand, but anything furniture-wise that I could put a printer on. Right now, it's propped on some plastic drawers, but the top of one is caving under the weight of the printer, get the point.

So, as soon as I saw this dresser at the Salvation Army, I saw the potential in it to become my printer stand...with some nice paint, scrapbook paper, and decoupage.

Here's, basically, what it looked like before:

I had already taken off the knob (see below) and 3 little colored domes that are fit just above the drawer (you can kinda see where they used to be by the indentations)

Not so cute's ok, just not my thing

Same thing w/ the feet

All sanded and primed now! Ready for some pretty paint!

All painted up...still not thaaaat cute we're getting somewhere! I used some pretty, floral scrapbook paper to do a decoupaged finish to the top of the nightstand and the front of the's far from perfect, but I love it! Now, all I need is a new knob...hmm...

That's when I run into this...argh! Who knew a store could have so many!? I went with a cheap acrylic's just for me and for a $10 difference, it doesn't matter too much...I still found the look I was going for.

All done! Yay!, do I really want to stick a stinky ole' computer on top of my super cute handiwork? Decisions, decisions...any ideas?

I posted this a few months ago, and haven't put a printer on it yet. Guess that answers that question! lol


Lady N said...

This is a great project! That's like something I would love to do on a Saturday all day!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Lady N - it was a fun project! You should try it!

:) D

Catlin said...

Wow it's so beautiful! You are so handy. How do you do that scrapbook thing? Any sites to recommend? (With pics;-))

Sarah and Jack said...

LOL It's funny that it still doesn't have the printer on it, but it did turn out cute.

BTW, I like the template on this blog just as much as on the other one, but if you make this your primary blog you could always change it up and use the other template occassionally over here too.

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Catlin - it's called "decoupage". Here's a couple links: link1 and link2. You can also google the term and find lots of good info. It's fun and super easy, but if you've never done it before, I'd do it on something smaller for your first project. :)

I know, Sarah and Jack - I totally got it for a printer stand, but ended up putting my printer on some shelves...haha...oh well. That's a good idea about switching up the templates, too. I'm thinking of posting my jewelry stuff only on the Designing Sass and keeping the other crafty creations here...but we'll see. Thanks for the tip!

:) D