Sunday, October 14, 2007

My First Handmade Tote!

Yay! I finally bit the bullet and jumped head-first into one of my first major sewing projects. Perhaps it was the collection of talented crafters yesterday who inspired me or perhaps it's just that time of year? Whatever it is, I'm glad I did it. Oh wait, I know at least one good reason for the crafty-cravings - I just got my copy of The Crafter's Companion and noticed a couple somewhat simple looking beginner projects to try out. I went for the Library Tote by Fiona Dalton of Hop Skip Jump

The storm before the calm

Aligning the pocket

A rookie error while sewing the top sections together - serious sewing crafters are now either laughing at this photo or shaking their head - can you see what I did wrong?

Yea, that strap was supposed to be INSIDE the purse!!! Doh! After some serious seam-ripping I started the top-sewing again. Ahh...that's much better

Wow - my first tote! I'm so thrilled! I should have reinforced it with interfacing, but didn't want to waste it in the event I totally goofed this project up.

I think this tote might just be with me for awhile. Maybe forever.

That was fun! Hmm...which project to do next? Maybe I should try to finish that embroidery project from awhile back?

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