Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Wreck of Richard and Charlene

I knew several months ago that I'd be going to Charleston, SC for Memorial Day weekend, so when I saw Giada's Weekend Getaways for Charleston (which will air again on June 15th - see web site for details), I tuned in! One of the restaurants especially caught my eye - The Wreck of Richard and Charlene. Located where a trawler, the Richard and Charlene, wrecked during Hurricane Hugo, hard to find, only spread by word of mouth...the place doesn't even look like a restaurant or have a sign...how cool is that? Maybe I've been watching $40 a Day one time too many, but I've been seriously inspired by Food Network to look for the unique eating spots in every city I visit. Not to mention I've always liked eating the foods I can't get back home. I somehow talked my fiance and two of his frat-boy-like friends into going.

Just like Giada said, the restaurant is hard to find and doesn't even have a sign. To the left and right of the location are two shrimping docks (at least I think that's what they are)

Not much to look at from the front, eh? It seems the best places are these "hole-in-the-wall" spots. I believe Giada said to look for the huge anchor in front of the restaurant (far right of the photo)

In the entrance, there are tons of pictures...apparently of friends and family...and a certain celebrity we know and love. They have a picture of Giada with some of the staff and her actual menu. See, here at The Wreck, you are given a paper menu and get to circle your meal of choice with a marker. Your meal is started with a yummy bowl of boiled peanuts, which I love! The menu touts that the Wreck was voted "State's Best Shrimp" - fried shrimp, that is. Of course, I ordered the fried shrimp, and they truly were some of the best fried shrimp I've ever had. I also got to try the grilled shrimp, but I'd definitely go for the fried if you ever eat here.

Here's a picture of the back of The Wreck. You can see their screened-in patio area, which is where you'll be seated if you grab a bite to eat.

I even got a great shot of the sunset from the dock area.

Only downfall of this wonderful spot is that it's a bit old-fashioned so they don't accept credit cards and they don't split checks. Remember to bring your checkbook or some cash and be prepared to figure out your own check if you're splitting the tab. Either way, the billing policy is not enough to keep me from headed back to this local favorite.

The Wreck of Richard & Charlene is a must-see if you're headed to Charleston, SC! Be sure to visit their web site for menu, history, and more info - http://www.wreckrc.com/