Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm a Craft Pioneer!

At least that's what the girl running the Etsy Crafting Patch Market craft show told me. When I signed up for the Etsy sponsored event, I knew it was the first one of it's kind in NC. What I didn't realize was that the event I participated in on Saturday was the first Etsy craft show EVER! Can you believe that? I'm honored...seriously!

The show didn't have the traffic I was hoping for, but I had a blast and met a lot of super cool crafters. Everyone there was so nice and it was like everyone was part of a little family. People were helping each other set up their booths, gabbed all day, swapped goodies, and even helped each other take their booth displays down (even when they had a 6 hour drive to make directly after the show - thanks Michelle and hubby :) ).

One of the highlights of the day was my booth display. I didn't win any awards, but in a way I won a personal victory. It's taken me a really long time to get my booth looking in a way that I'm actually happy with, so I'm super proud to share these photos - there has been a lot of hard work and heart put into getting the booth this way:

To my left, I had the lovely Michelle and hubby with AsianCharm (click) and to my right, I had two super friendly girls with Microwave Girl (click)

I also got a fab organic shirt from Ahpeele (click)

Thanks to Angelica and everyone who helped put this together. I hope to be accepted to the Market for '08 - I'll definitely be applying! Hey to all my new Etsy friends - it was so nice meeting all of you and I hope to see you around the craft scene.


Angelica said...

You are definitely a pioneer! We'd love to have you back next year! Mark your calendars for Oct 11, 2008!

Lady N said...

Your booth looks great! This sounds like such a fun event...hmm... I wonder if we have one in MN?

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Angelica - will do!

Thanks Lady N - this was the first Etsy craft show, but I'm sure they have some other craft shows in MN - try

:) D