Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Almond Cake

I saw the most lovely recipe in one of my Rachael Ray magazines for an almond cake. It looked so scrumptious, I simply had to try it out.

This recipe has lots of yummy ingrediants, including orange zest...it gives it a little something extra...

Care for some of the cake, dear? I made this with my own two little hands...can you believe it? I still can't...I'm not the best baker.

Look at all those little almond slices...I think almonds are one of the best nuts around.

Now to squeeze the cake out of the pan...this is the tricky part. Then, I just top this cake off with powdered sugar, like so...

Would you care for a slice? It's still warm from the oven...mmm. Have some orange slices with it to help pull the flavor of the orange zest.

Now, to brew some coffee. Good thing my honey bought me this for my b-day.


Lady N said...

oooh, this looks delish!

Shopaholic D said...

Mmm...it was! I need to make this one again soon!

:) D