Friday, October 19, 2007

I Can't Get No...(Instant) Satisfaction

I'm all about instant satisfaction - especially when it comes to crafting. Sure, I appreciate the long-lasting craft as good as the next girl, but every once in awhile, you want something you can throw together quickly. Kinda like those pre-formed cookies they have the grocery stores these days. Just break apart and bake...mmm. I suppose it's too late for cookies tonight, huh? Anywho, I think part of my desire for the quick projects stems from my busy life. Most people out there are pretty swamped these days - I don't really know any people who just sit around all day with nothing today (sounds boring to me anywho), but you busy girls know what I mean. Sometimes, you don't have time for a project that takes days and days. Personally, I wouldn't mind having one of those going on in the background (and I guess I kinda do with my embroidery), but it's nice to be able to completely create a couple little things here and there in no time.

I finally had my first "A-ha! This isn't so hard afterall" sewing moment last weekend when I made my first tote - a project from The Crafter's Companion (a truly awesome book) - except for that little seam ripping incident when I sewed the strap in upside down. Oopsie! Anywho, I was so floored by that experience, I turned out a vintage-style apron - a project from Bend the Rules Sewing - as well as this zip pouch - another fab Amy Karol project from BTRS:

Picking out all the fabrics and accessories - I decided to match the apron fabric b/c I adore it and b/c it was already out.

All done and ready for zipping. Unfortunately, I need to redo the lining inside - it seems to be getting slightly caught in the zipper teeth, but no worries. I already know how to use my seam

I guess my only problem now is that since I'm quite the "newbie" at sewing, projects that would take AK 5 minutes take me more like 5...hours. lol. Oh well, it should get faster with time. One day I'll have my instant gratification sewing projects down pat!

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