Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Favors a la Martha Stewart

Ahh...Martha, how you've been inspiring me lately...

We decided to have people over for dinner this weekend, so I decided to make it my first "dinner party." Sure, we've had people over for dinner before, but nothing fancy. I wanted to take advantage of the Halloween holiday and use some of the ideas I've been gathering from my Martha Stewart Good Things and Bad Things collective Halloween magazine. In preparation, I decided to make some of those cute, little pumpkin goodie bags:

Start with orange paper bags. Get the smaller ones, though. The first time I tried making these it was with the big ones and it seemed like the bottomless paper bag. Of course, if you want to put lots and lots of candy (think 20 mini-sized candies), then go for the big one. Anywho, fill with candy (the small fits about 8-10 mini candies)

Twist the tops. Cut a piece of floral tape and pull to make it stretchy. Wrap the tape around the "twig" of the pumpkin and leave a few inches for the curly-Q. Twist the end of the tape till it's thin.

Wrap the thin part around a highlighter to make it spiral.

The bags can be ripped into when your friends are ready to snack.

Here they are in the entranceway for our guests to see.

And they're labeled so everyone knows to pick one up on the way out. There, got at least one thing done before our party.


Lady N said...

oooh, such a cute idea! I'm definitely doing this.

Danielle said...

those are super cute. i bet your friends liked them. thanks for visiting my blog, i'll look more through yours. your jewelry looks lovely! we are in the process of moving-only a week and half to go now- and we've had a lot packed away (mostly my crafts stuff, to allow our office slash craft room seem bigger)and so i cannot wait until i can get back to crafting! it's been almost 5 months-i'm dying! i've taken a jewelry making class before-metals-and loved it. sewing, scrapbooking and painting are my loves...can't wait to tackle our new pad with new drapes, wall paint, pillows, etc. check back soon, hopefully i'll be able to get to some of it right away...ciao, d. thanks again for visiting!