Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Martha Stewart Halloween

I really like to celebrate holidays, but I feel like I just haven't been able to get in the spirit of the season (any season) no matter how much I want to. It seems like every year, we say that we're going to do this and that, but I'm tired of talking. Actions truly do speak louder than words, and I've been ready to get my Martha Stewart on for awhile now! On Monday, I decided to take some time to try a couple of the Martha Stewart crafts from her Good Things and Bad Things collective Halloween magazine. I hit up Michael's to stock up on the necessary supplies and had lots of fun! It's been awhile since I've been able to just craft and not worry about making jewelry. I think I earned some fun time when I spent nearly the whole weekend making jewelry non-stop.

First I had to get everything prepped. I wasn't sure how exactly to spray paint the glass vases I got from Michaels for roughly $1, but I figured out that an empty toilet paper roll can be squeezed in to perfectly prop them up. Per the mag, I was supposed to use Mint Julep cups, but I wasn't sure what those were and didn't see anything that looked like the photo in the store. These will have to do for me.

Turns out the toilet paper roll idea worked out pretty well - I easily got a nice coat all over the vase - no sticking to the paper or waiting for it to dry.

Then, it was on to the flowers. I bought the cheapest roses I could find at about $1.25 per stem (one rose per stem) and got 6 so I could put 3 in each jar. The flowers were kinda fun to paint, but if you decide to try this, know that it's kinda hard to get a full coat on and it looks kinda cool with part of the color sticking out from underneath, so definitely go with red roses for that scary look

Don't the roses look scary all black!?

There, all set up in the black vases.

Looks pretty creepy, but a little sparse to me.

There, that's better!

Now I just need to make some creatures to fill up the branch...

Hopefully, there will be lots more crafting in my near future - I have creatures to make and more crafty ideas to bring to life!


Lady N said...

This is a great craft! I love Martha Stewart and all her ideas! Last year she did a glitter pumpkin decoration, which I copied (of course). I might do it again this year because its a lot prettier than carved pumpkins!

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Lady N! Ooh...a glittery pumpkin sounds nice!! I'll have to check my old MS mags for details. I've seen a couple ideas from her w/ glitter and I love all things sparkly, so that sounds like a nice project. Let me know if you post pictures of yours!

:) D