Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yummy Salmon Lunch Out

My co-worker and I went out with a candidate the other day for lunch. We went to an uptown restaurant that is famous for it's seafood, and now I know why. It was one of the warmer days of spring, so we got to eat outside on the patio, which was, luckily, covered by a roof. It seems that eating outside is so much more pleasant when you're under something that can block the direct sunlight. Too much direct sunlight and I'm just sweating instead of enjoying my meal. My preference is to eat outdoors, under a roof or umbrella, with a light breeze....oh yea!

I had tangerine dusted salmon with potatoes and wilted spinach. Yep, I said "tangerine-dusted salmon." Have you ever heard of such a thing? Let me tell you, if you ever see this on a menu, I highly recommend it. The salmon was perfectly cooked, and with every bite, I enjoyed a hint of sweet, citrus. Delicio-So!

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