Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vintage Fruit Painting

I found this vintage fruit painting at a flea market several weeks ago. While the painting is quite cute, I really only bought it b/c I read that Marha Stewart's people are collecting vintage fruit paintings (I think it was in their January issue). So, eat your heart out, Martha....lookie at what I found for only $1:

Coincidently, I found the jadeite sugar shaker on Ebay. The olive oil bottle is just from our local hardware store. Yep, I said hardware's one of those little mom & pop shops, much like the store Daisy Cottage has.

I do have to admit, the more I look at this little painting in my kitchen, the more I like it. :)


茉莉 said...

There are so many good food here!
your blog is very nice!

naddy said...

nice painting... and u only paid $1 for it? lucky you! ehehe

Shopaholic D said...

Why Thank you!

Yep, Naddy...just one buck...not too shabby, eh?

:) D

naddy said...

nope. it looked just nice... :)