Monday, March 26, 2007

"Normal" Dinner

See! Sometimes I make normal, "lazy-day" meals:

I just don't normally take pictures of

I fed me and my SO for less than $10 with this meal - Barbeque baked chicken, mac & cheese, and steamed broccoli

Cheap and tasty...always a good combo! Even you bachelors out there can make this (Nic-Nic - you readin?) ;)


Debbie said...

I should remember not to read your blog when I'm hungry! That looks great!

Shopaholic D said...

lol...actually, as simple as it was to make, it was pretty tasty!

:) D

Lucy said...

This looks exactly like what I make every other week or minds think alike!


Shopaholic D said...

Yes they do, Lucy! I make stuff like this all the time too!

:) D

Leigh Ann said...

I love meals like this. Simple, tasty, so satisfying! Thanks for sharing.

Cheers! LA

Shopaholic D said...

Me too, Leigh Ann! You're welcome!

:) D