Friday, March 02, 2007

This Is the Project That Doesn't End...

Ever heard that song "This is the song that doesn't end...yes it goes on and on my friend...some people started singing it not knowing what it was...and they'll continue singing it forever just because...(repeat)"? I feel like I'm experiencing the same thing with this project of mine. I decided to make a duvet cover...for fun, of course. It was fun at first, but it's been darn hard to make. I don't have a large cutting area to lay all the fabric I need out for a full/queen size duvet, so it's been tough. Anywho, my latest obstacle was button holes. I had never sewn a button hole on a sewing machine before. I put it off...and put it off, and just let the duvet fabric lay across my living room floor for a few weeks before I worked up the courage to try it out. It was sorta like one of those things you did in school, like when you had an assignment to write a paper, and you'd just wait and wait and wait to do it. Sometimes, they say, you're supposed to just write something...anything down to get you started. Well, either way, I took the plunge and it turned out to be a lot easier than i thought it would be.

Look! I did it! After all that procrastination, I found out that sewing buttonholes is actually kinda fun!


Sarah and Jack said...

Buttonholes are not scary! I made a duvet cover once, and I think I would never make another one again. There is just so much fabric.

Shopaholic D said...

"There is just so much fabric."
exactly! it's just so you have to have a cutting table like JoAnn's or Hancock's to actually be able to acurately cut all that fabric! very overwhelming with you...i think im going to shy away from duvet covers after this one is

:) D