Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend at Mom's

Ok, so I didn't spend the weekend with my mom, but I did spend the weekend with my fiance's mom. I love hanging out with his mom b/c she loves a good thrifting trip just as much as I do, so we hit up JoAnn's for some craft goodies and home decor, then headed to a local consignment/antique shop to see what finds we could get our hands on. I got this awesome cake plate:

I don't think it's antique, but it's so cute, who cares? A fair price too, marked down 50% to $9, eh?

We even got some quality time with not only his mom's dogs, but his sister's dog too. He looked so cute curled up in the armchair, I had to snap a quick shot. He opened his eyes to see what was going on, but quickly fell back asleep...awww

We even got home with enough time for me to make a nice dinner to kick off the new week - Beef Stroganoff:


jilly said...

Oh fun! I LOVE the cake plate, and beagles. My first dog was a beagle named Maggie and my boyfriend grew up with beagles as well.

I made beef stroganoff just the other week, it is one of my favorites but I use cut up skirt steak or beef stew meat. We should swap recipes, yours looks really good!

Shopaholic D said...

Aww...they're so cute, aren't they?

feel free to email me yours or post a comment with recipe and i'll try to post mine sometime this week

:) D

Rebecca said...

What a fabulous cake plate!!

Shopaholic D said...

Why thank you, Rebecca!

:) D