Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Snack

On a spring/fall weekend, when the air is perfect (not too cool, not too hot), I love nothing more than to open all the windows & the door to our back porch and relish in the fresh air. Noshing on some yummy snacks doesn't hurt...

Cheese & crackers and easy iced coffee

Any coffee fans out there? I have the simplest recipe for a delicious iced coffee drink. Someone told me about it a looooong time ago...I can't remember who, so I don't know where to send the credit, but whoever you are...thanks for sharing! Now I'm passing on the recipe:

Easy Iced Coffee:
1 teaspoon instant coffee
sweetener of choice
about a 1/4 cup of water

Heat the water in a microwave-safe container (preferably a Pyrex or something easy to pour from) until the water is boiling. In the meantime, in a tall glass, add the instant coffee and as much sweetener as you want. Add just enough of the boiling water to dissolve the coffee and sweetener (a couple tablespoons or so) & stir. Once the coffee and sweetener are dissolved, fill the glass with ice, then fill with milk and stir to combine. That's it! Enjoy!


M said...

I am a coffee & chocolate freak so any recipes on either are greatly appreciated by me! Thanks, "Amethyst"

Shopaholic D said...

This one is so simple & have to try it on the next warm weekend! you'll love it!

:) D