Monday, February 05, 2007

Lovely Vintage Plates

I have been having such good luck plate-hunting lately...

oops! Did I just jinx myself? Knock on wood...darn you, superstition!

Anywho, I've found some of the most amazing plates lately to add to my growing collection. I picked up this stunning stack of dainty little plates from Salvation Army a few weeks back. It's a bit hard to tell from the photo, but they have slightly worn golden edges, but the best part - a delicate circle of little flowers and butterflies...these will be perfect "Tea Party" plates!

I found these babies at a local antique/consignment store. I am so in love with turquoise, which is unfortunate, b/c they seem to be the hardest color to find. I suppose on the positive side, it makes the thrill of the hunt even more enjoyable b/c it's much less likely to make a great turquoise find! Anywho, I love this set of 5 turquoise rimmed plates with flower center design, even though one of them has a crack...they're just so pretty!

Anyone else out there have any amazing finds lately?

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