Sunday, February 18, 2007

His V-Day Dinner

Just so you all don't think I got the short end of the stick this year...we usually both do celebratory dinners, regardless of whose "night" it is for dinner. I usually cook...he usually takes us out somewhere nice. We went to a little local Italian restaurant, run by a real Italian family w/ a real Italian chef, so the food is absolutely top-notch.

I love how they do their bread here. Slices of fresh bread with a bean/garlic/herb concoction...delicious!

Fabulous entrees...he got a buccatini pasta with cherry tomato sauce, large shrimp, a half lobster tail. I had veal with a mushroom demi-glaze sauce (sp? wish I had the menu to check) served with the starch and veg of the day - roast potatoes and a julienne vegetable medley.

Any how could we not do dessert? Homemade tirimisu with a super frothy cafe latte...mmmm

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