Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Fave Vintage Find to Date!

I love shopping thrift can find some of the most amazing things there if you don't mind the hunt, which is probably the part I love the most. Ah...the thrill of the hunt...wondering what treasures you'll find that day...if any. I stopped by the Salvation Army this weekend to see what I could dig up. I found an almost complete set of plates - 3 small and 4 large - with vintage yellow flowers. They don't even have a stamp on the bottom, so I'm guessing that means they're really, really old? Anyone know what that means when plateware is blank on the bottom?

Anywho, I'm checking out the mugs when I see a treasure that makes me gasp slightly. Could this really be sitting here with all these other people checking the shelves about? How could they not see this amazing find just sitting there!? It's a delicate little vintage-turquoise teacup. I quickly checked the shelves for others, but alas...could find none. Still, I was beaming! How precious was this dainy little teacup? I could have left there and been done for the day...for weeks even, but I kept browsing. I picked up a couple little white bowls with slightly swirled edges that I thought may make excellent dessert serving dishes one day. Then, for whatever reason, I decided to check the rest of the plates. I normally don't check the plates...I normally look for mugs, sugar bowls, butter dishes, but today I looked at plates and boy am I glad I did. The thing's so much work to dig through plates when your arms are already full of vintage finds that you're trying oh-so-careful to not drop. But, I decided, what the hay, I'll take a looksee. I started through some of the piles - boring white...ugly brown, dirty...broken...stacks of generic Wal-mart looking plates, and then at the bottom of one of them...Oh my!? Could it be? I stared at that last, bottom plate of the pile. Turquoise...and perhaps...I lifted the plate to the delicate turqoise teacup I had just found not 10 minutes ago and....YES! Hoorah! I couldn't believe it...I had just unearthed the matching plate for the teacup! I didn't even know it had a match, but how amazing for everything to come together under such a whim!

After shooting the teacup today with a previous vintage sugar bowl find, I decided to add the image to my header. What do you think? Not too shabby, eh?


Sarah and Jack said...

The header looks terrific! I still cannot figure out how to take a picture that is the right size for mine, so my photo is always just a little distorted. Sigh.

Shopaholic D said...


trust me, this took a little help from my friend photoshop. you just need to get the main part of what you want in the shot and then crop it and adjust the levels. let me know if you get one made.

:) D