Monday, January 01, 2007

Amazing Vintage Finds

I heard my favorite bead store was having a sale, so Saturday morning (read early afternoon) I headed over to that side of town. I had a little too much fun bead shopping and decided to hit up the Salvation Army on my way back. Boy, am I glad I did! I found some amazing vintage finds, including one piece of furniture I'll be posting about on Designing soon as it's done, of course. The furniture was my weekend project, but the stupid hardware store down the road is seemingly never open and I need a knob to finish my handiwork. Anywho, here are my finds:

Not sure what this is...looks like candle holders, but I'll prolly use it to hold beads, sequins, or other artsy components

My fave find - is this straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine or what? This is going right on my desk...ASAP!

What a cute mug...I couldn't pass up for only 50 cents

Another adorable 50 cent mug - plus it's huge! This will be great for those lazy mornings or afternoon teas!

Silver-lined floral plates...I only found 2, but that's enough for having a friend over for brunch

A bowl set - at least it looks like a set...the one on the left is slightly flatter and lower, while the right one is taller and fits inside the other

Amazing stuff, right? I may have to hit this Salvation Army up every weekend! So much better than an overpriced antique store!

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