Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gourmet Dessert With Panettone

I first heard about panettone on the Food Network when my fave chef, Giada deLaurentis, made a Panettone Trifle dessert. Intrigued with this new cooking component, I thought surely I'd never find a panettone in the south. Yet, lo and behold, I am grabbing lunch at one of my fave lil Italian-styled eateries when I notice a whole wall full of panettones...it must have been a sign. I looked up the panettone trifle recipe online, but when I heard about the panettone bread pudding with amaretto cream sauce, I was sold! I had a friend over for dinner and while we went low key with dinner - just spagetti with meat sauce - I decided to go upscale with dessert:

Mmmm...look at all those candied fruit pieces...they add an extra sweet bite in the pudding!

All Chopped up

Soaking up a bit

Baked and ready to be served with some yummy amaretto cream sauce

The dessert came out delicious...the sauce was amazing, but I do recommend, as the reviews mentioned, to bake the bread pudding an extra 15 minutes. The panettone is not only expensive, but it's seasonal, as well, so I highly recommend saving this recipe for your next Christmas holiday or New Year's eve celebration.

Click here to see the recipe on FoodNetwork.com

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Lys said...

Oh I MUST make that for this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration, D!