Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas-ing Around the South

It was Christmas-ing around the south for us this year as we visited both my parents and my SO's family for the holidays. We spent the weekend before Christmas with my family. My mom is a neonatal intensive care nurse, so she only gets every other Christmas off. I guess it works out well now that my SO and I are sharing the holidays between both our families. Only problem is, with so few days, you don't feel like you really get to spend good quality time with either family. Don't get me wrong, a couple days with each is precious time, but I love my long, lazy days hanging out with family and doing nothing but eating, resting, and whatever else I feel like. Maybe next year? Anywho, my parents loved their gifts - my mom loved the scarf I knit up for her! Yay!

At my family's house, we had a traditional turkey dinner, but with non-traditional table decor. Doesn't matter one bit to me...turquoise is my favorite color anyways!

Oh yea! Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, steamed veggies...yummy! We even had pumpkin pie and a delicious chocolate cake...mmm...

Last week, I was recounting all the Christmas presents I had hoped to make and came to the awful realization that I didn't have time to get them all done. EEK! I only had time to get a couple done. That was...I thought I had time to get a couple done, and then, the orders for D Celestine started pouring in out of no where! I had some online orders and even had a few custom orders to make with some local friends, which is always a blast, but no time for my homemade Christmas gifts. Luckily, I packed up my knitting supplies and all the yarns I had intended to use in my gifts and knitted up a storm all weekend, and Christmas Eve, and even Christmas Day to complete two (yes, two) more of those butterfly scarves. I finished the second one about an hour before we were supposed to head over to my SO's aunt's house for dinner. Did I mention I had offered to prepare a panettone bread pudding before we left? Phew! What a busy day Christmas was!? Everything came together in the end. The panettone bread pudding was very much enjoyed, and I gave the two butterfly scarves to my SO's two aunts and they LOVED them. Phew! My first major, handmade Christmas gifts were a hit! I've got to come up with something good for next year now!


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,
Thanks for the link, I just discovered 'The Chic Life', I have seen your other blogs, but not this one, I love it!! I love the picture of the little rattan sofa and your beautiful scarf. It looks so inviting to just sit on that soft cushion, and I love that color combo of the blue and white, it is so crisp.

Lys said...

Of course D. Celestine has orders because the jewelry is fabulous :) I can't think of a better holiday gift that a gal can receive than handcrafted gems!

Love the place setting and so happy to hear that your holiday went well!

Shopaholic D said...

that rattan sofa is actually at my SO's mom's house...she has a cute rattan-themed porch...great lighting there! thanks for the compliment on the scarf! i'm glad you found my chic life blog!

aww...thanks, lys! i hope your holidays went well, too!

:) D

Lys said...

OK - I have to say - the Panettone Bread Pudding (but I did it with the cinnamon sauce) was a HIT!! Thank you thank you thank you for the fabu idea. Between you and Giada - my guests were VERY happy.

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Lys,

You made it!? That's awesome! So glad to hear it was a's so yummy...I'm considering making it a Christmas tradition!


:) D