Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gift Tag Giveaway

I've really been getting into making the smaller things in life extra-special, especially now that the holidays are here. I remember in college, if I had time to gift wrap (because I was an over-achieving workaholic with little time), I was usually throwing something in a decorative bag with tissue paper or throwing whatever holiday gift wrap was closest to me on any boxes I needed to wrap. Not that simple gift wrap doesn't say just wasn't saying "special" for me. I've been getting into adding little details to my gift wrap and thinking through my gift wrap color themes and stuff, and one of the things I've been wanting to add to my packages are decorative gift tags. My family has always gotten those cutesy sticker tags with images of snowmen or Santa, but I've really been having fun creating gift tags for some recent swaps and want to make some for myself.

I made these gift tags yesterday with the traditional Christmas color scheme, but I'm not going for "traditional" with my Christmas color scheme. I'm going for traditional with a twist. Anywho, that means that I need to give these babies away. One set will be for a swap (those aren't pictured), one set will be for a Christmas gift, and one set will be given away to one of my dear readers (or guests).

I am giving away this set, with the glittery gift tags including: red rectangle on holiday print, red swirly circle on green striped print, a hand-drawn holly berry bit, off white rectangle on green print, hand drawn/glittered swirl on red swirl print with off white paper print, poinsettia on cream/red rectangles on holiday print

This set (with the Santa gift tag) will be showing up in someone's Christmas gift (only the first set pictured will be given away)


Two Ways to Enter (and you can do both if you want to enter twice!):
1. Leave a comment on this post (only one comment per person, unless you do #2, too) and say which tag is your fave
2. Do a post about the contest on your blog and leave a comment with a link to your post (if you do a post about the contest, you may use the first image of the gift tags in your contest post)

All entries must be received by Friday night (12/7/07), as the winner will be selected Saturday morning.

Happy Contesting!


Lesha said...

These are really cute! I really like the tree. :)

Sarah and Jack said...

I like the green one with the tree.

Miss Angel said...

Love the gift tags! You're so creative!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute tags! You've been busy......
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Amy said...

Your tags are precious! I love reading your blog :)

Anonymous said...

These tags are really cute - I like the glitter berry one. Can't wait for finals to be over to make time foe Christmas crafting. I just came across your blog recently and love it.

seana said...

i found your blog twelve hours too late to enter in your contest, but oh well. I just wanted to say that I loved reading your blog! You have amazing creative abilities!

have a wonderful weekend!