Monday, November 19, 2007

Quilt Kit - An Update

As you can imagine, I've been pretty swamped with potty training and house-breaking the puppy...uh...and I may have spent just an hour or so on play time...yea, there may have been an hour-ish spent on play time *hee hee*

But, I did manage to make some progress on the quilt kit.

I laid out all the pieces and figured out how I wanted them to look and I got all the squares sewed into rows.

Of course, by some sort of not-so-much-stroke-of-genius, I managed to sew the first two rows together upside down, which threw off my entire layout, so I had to re-arrange a bit...oopsie!

I'm also not sure on how to machine quilt this bad boy yet, either...I was thinking stich-in-the-ditch would be easy, but now I'm hearing I should just stitch some loose waves...I'm leaning towards the waves...especially since these squares aren't lining up the way I want them to. Not bad for my first try, though...I mean, so far, so good. Now, I just need to finish it up. Too bad I'm starting to get addicted to this.


White Lily said...

I'm getting a sewing machine for Christmas present from my Granny! She knows I love crafts, and she said she 'll get me one!

I love the colors and pattern you chose!

beki said...

Oh, that's going to be lovely!

Shopaholic D said...

That's awesome, white lily! How exciting?! I didn't actually pick out these fabrics - they came in a quilt kit, so all the squares were included in the kit, but I did pick the colors pink/red over blue...not that that

Thanks beki! I hope so!

:) D