Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pretty Puppy Tarts

We took Bailey to a local canine cafe today to get him a special treat. This place has the cutest gourmet doggie sorbets, puppy petit fours, puppy tarts, and more.

Bailey picks his treat out...

...and we take it home so he can enjoy it

We also got some puppy training treats that the cafe bakes on site. They have a bakery downstairs of the shop and bake healthy dog treats with organic goods and other special ingrediants. The puppy training treats are especially healthy b/c they're so tiny, we'll be able to give Bailey lots of them while potty training him and working on other training tricks.

Something tells me we'll be back there soon!


Lys said...

Awwwww now that's adorable!!

Shopaholic D said...

adorable and tasty...if you're referring to the tart, of course! lol

:) D

Miss Angel said...

Okay, the puppy and the tart are just too cute!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Miss Angel!

:) D