Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Williams Sonoma Blueberry Quickbread

There's something very rich and robust about everything in Williams Sonoma. Shopping there reminds me of shopping in the fancy clothing stores as a teen drooling over the expensive clothes, shoes and accessories that I knew I couldn't and may never afford. Of course, anyone who reads my other blog, Shopaholics Anonymous, knows this to be false thanks to my treat last March (my black, gold-chained, quilted-leather baby). But I digress...anywho, there's just something about a place like Williams Sonoma that makes you want to buy something...anything...just to get a piece of the beautiful kitchen supplies they offer. I've gotten a couple tools and my Wusthof from them, but awhile back, I fell victim to one of their delicous samples and purchased a package of their blueberry quickbread. Wanting something delicious and luxe, yet easy to make, for breakfast recently, I was able to throw this together pretty effortlessly:

I topped the quickbread with a quick glaze...mmm...

I tried finding the blueberry quickbread online at, but alas...could not. I did, however, find a delicious-looking pumpkin quickbread (click to shop)


Catlin said...

Wow, that looks so yummy!

Shopaholic D said...

It was Catlin, you should try it!

:) D