Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sumo, Nutella, Etc.

My company had a most-interesting fundraising event this past week - sumo wrestling. And they didn't have just anyone sumo-wrestling...I mean, who would go to that? They had some of the company big wigs doing it...of course. I have to admit, this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I didn't really know any of the people doing the sumo wrestling, but it didn't matter. As you can tell from this photo, you can't really see their faces anyways. I actually thought about doing it, but I was wearing a skirt, and I wasn't sure there was a graceful way to get into the sumo suit with a skirt on. A girl's got to be classy at all times, right?

The $20 ticket I bought to get in came with a $10 game card (as the event was held at one of those restaurant/bar type places with tons of fun games - from skee ball to basketball to racing - you get the idea. With the ticket I also got two drinks and free apps. I only got to drink one drink b/c I have asian flush, and two would have turned me into a walking beet. I gave the other ticket to my boss's boss. What? I'm not sucking up, I only knew like 5 people there. Anywho, the apps were ok and consisted of raw veggies, meatballs, tortilla chips & salsa, and chicken wings (which I don't eat...the wings, that is). Don't worry about me, though. I didn't starve...I just noshed on my SO's Chick-Fil-A meal when I got home and also managed to snack on this:

Have you ever had Nutella? If you haven't, and you like chocolate, you must make a run to the grocery store now for some plain white bread and some Nutella. Seriously, you're totally missing out. I first had Nutella when I went to France on an exchange in high school, and if it weren't for this (and the numerous other delicious pastries readily available on nearly every street block) I so would have lost 10 pounds due to the rather strange cuisine (read my picky eating) and the constant walking. I never walked so much in all my lifetime! But I digress...Nutella and white bread - it's all you need, really, for a delicious snack. What's that? It's not healthy, you point out? Like french fries are healthy...and you know you eat those! Everything in moderation, my dear, everything in moderation. Anywho, toast up some white bread (or don't toast at all) and slather on some of this delicious, ooey, gooey, choclately goodness. Wow, this post is kinda making me hungry.

Anywho, it's a lovely day today, and I have cleaning to do, so I'm off to clean the house...yay! Oh, and work on my evil plot to talk my SO into getting a dog...or a cat. A dog would be better, but I'm in desperate need of a cuddly pet. Pet lovers...I think you know what I mean. Wish me luck!


Catlin said...

Hahaha, good look with the pet! I always think of you being the kind of girl that can get her man to agree on just about anything. Look at you cooking! You deserve that dog/cat ;-)

Shopaholic D said...

lol, Catlin...I wish! This one's pretty stubborn. not to mention, I kinda messed up by helping him babysit a friend's dog a couple years ago and made him do all the work. oops! now he thinks i won't help take care of a new dog. probably a little true, but im willing to try harder.

good call on the food! i should hold out on him till he gets me a pet! lol...jk.

:) D