Monday, August 13, 2007

Mediterranean Cuisine: Fried Kibbeh

I love trying and eating exotic foods. You get to try some of the most amazing flavors and textures, that you may not have eaten growing up. There's a cute little Mediterranean restaurant near my home that serves some of the most amazing food AND they have baklava, which I have a weakness for (can't wait for the upcoming Greek Festival). I have a couple fave entrees at this restaurant, but last week, I tried something new:

Fried Kibbeh:

The shell of this dish is actually made with ground beef - I mean, it's filled with ground beef, but the shell has beef in it too. Apparently, it can take hours to make these little things, and looking at them, I totally believe that. The manager also mentioned that these are made when you visit someone's house - they're a treat. Well, I certainly enjoyed my treat!


Catlin said...

That looks really yummy!

Jennifer said...

Making me hungry again:)

Shopaholic D said...

It was, Catlin!

lol, Jennifer - hope I'm not tempting you to break from your diet!

:) D

Valley Girl said...

OMG that looks sooo good!

Shopaholic D said...

oh my gosh, valley so was!

:) D