Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Bday Sis

My sister just turned may think I'd take her out to the hippest bar/club in town and try to get her drunk...but I didn''s not really her thing. Instead, I decided to cook her dinner and my fiance took us all out for dessert.

I made chicken parmesan and linguine alfredo. Yes, I said "linguine" alfredo. I's a bit bizarre, but I wanted to take some help from the store on dinner, while still having fresh pasta, and they just didn't have fettucini...oh tasted about the same. My sister really seemed to enjoy it, and that's all that matters :)

The three of us had a nice relaxing dinner together...Gen X (or is it Y now) style on the coffee table. This may be partyly to do with the fact that I have, unfortunately, covered the entire dining room table with craft supplies (you may recognize it in the learning to sew post), as I'm prepping for a huge 3 day craft show in G-Vegas. Ok, ok, so I've basically covered the entire apartment in craft supplies, but the show is the first weekend of December, so I'm almost done...phew! Things have just been so crazy...I've been swamped and been half going insane, but I think I'm gonna make it. *crossing fingers*

Last night, I stayed up till midnight packaging items for shipment and printing labels. Last night was only the 2nd night I've used the online postage printing software, and since I'm Type-A and pretty paranoid, I worked very slowly and carefully, so as to ensure less chance of error. We'll see how it works...the whole dropping packages off in the mail kinda scares me, but I know that one package I've shipped this method has arrived safely, so I'm feeling pretty good about it...


Did I just jinx myself? Doh!

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